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Facilities - Laboratories- Art and Craft Resource Centre

Art & craft is organized expressions of ideas, feelings and experiences in images, in language, in gesture and in movement. They provide for sensory, emotional, intellectual and creative enrichment and contribute to the learner’s holistic development. The teaching of art and craft enables the learner to explore alternative ways of communicating with others. It encourages ideas that are personal inventive & makes a vital contribution to the development of a range of intelligence. Art & craft is a way of making communicating meanings through imagery. It is a unique symbolic domain & is a discipline with its own particular demands & core of learning. Art & craft is a natural & enjoyable way of extending & enriching the learner’s experience of the world. In drawing, painting, constructing & inventing the learner assimilates and responds to experience and tries to make sense of it. Art & craft education provides for creative & aesthetic experiences through exploring, investigating, experimenting, inventing, designing and making in a range of media. It promotes observations & ways of seeing and helps the learner’s to acquire sensitivity to the visual, special and tactile world and to aesthetic experience. Creative achievements in art & craft contribute to a sense of personal identity & self-esteem & help to create cultural awareness & empathy. 

In the following some of the approaches are given to using art and craft resources to meet the needs of the students and faculties of this institution: Drawing

Drawing is an instinctive way for the learner’s to communicate understanding, feelings and their imaginative life. It helps in developing the ability to look with curiosity and concentration at qualities of line, rhythm, texture, colour & tone in the leaner’s surroundings. Painting with Colour

Paint is an idle medium for developing the learner’s sensitivity to colour, because it fluid and its effects are immediate. It is important to explore the expressive and descriptive effects of a variety of colour media and to encourage adventurous use. Colour awareness promotes sensitivity to and enjoyment of colour in the learner’s surroundings.

Clay Modeling

Clay is a versatile medium for free imaginative expressions. Learner begins to understand its inherent possibilities for three-dimensional expression as they model with it and change it.

Fabric & fibre

Fabric & fibre are adaptable and enjoyable media for creativity and are materials in which the learner can explore, invent and design at all levels. Their structures, textures, patterns and colours can inspire ideas and present opportunities for creative expression.

The visual elements

The visual arts activities suggested for the different media help to develop sensitivity to qualities of line, shape, form, colour, tone, texture, pattern, rhythm and spatial organization, and enable the learner to use them purposefully.


Construction activities with a variety of three-dimensional materials can help the learner to become more spatially aware, can encourage inventiveness and can help to promote sensitivity to structure in the immediate and wider environments.

List of all resource materials/equipment we have:


Cotton Thread

Cotton Cloth



Sketch Pens

Pencil Colours

Art Paper


Various Decorative Materials


Hand Made Sheets

Tissue papers 

Art papers (white, black, coloured)

Drawing board (ply board)

Scale (steel)

Paint brushes (No. 0, 1, 2, 4, 6, 10)

Drawing pins (1 box)

Colour palate


Tracing paper

Carbon paper

Ice-cream Stick


Marker pen (black)

Water container

Found objects from nature (such as dry leaf, dry tree stem, dry sand etc.)